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A new and very compact underwater scooter

anfitrite & lefeet s1

Dive And Fly

In this section you can take a look at some comments,videos,photos and discount tickets,when buying Lefeet S1.

I love diving and I practice it very often.In a year, I have dived more than 100 times.Recently,I bought the Lefeet S1 in its 2 in 1 version.We have already dived with it several times,testing its power,speed,battery and different accessories,to find the perfect combination.

My regular dive buddy has just bought it and we use it every time we can as it´s so confortable and versatile. My personal experience with Lefeet S1 is based on diving and snorkeling. At the moment I have not tried it in other ways.It works great when used in snorkeling; a single Lefeet S1 is enough to enjoy the biodiversity we can find in the seabed without wasting our energy. As for using it when diving, two Lefeet S1 will be needed because of the excess of weight carried so that we can have enough power and speed to manage the ocean currents without problems.

You can switch between speeds depending on the needs of each dive,checking the battery from time to time so that we don´t run out of it before finishing the dive.

Amphitrite experiences with Lefeet S1

Lefeet S1 Sea Scooter

The Lefeet S1 is an innovative sea scooter that marks itself out by its portability and versatility. Compared to other scooters, the Lefeet performs exceptionally well as a propulsion system both for freediving and scuba diving, being both easy to carry and operate.

As a successfully crowdfunded project, the Lefeet S1 joins bigger companies like Yamaha and ScubaJet. But unlike those two, for example, the lightweight S1 has modular capabilities that make it very customizable. For example, two units can join together to double the power; you can attach a unit to a scuba tank or two side-mounted tanks or to each leg. Attach an action cam too.

Having a remote control gives you the freedom to attach the Lefeet scooter to virtually anything–though it loses its connection very easily when further than 3 feet away.



  • 3 speed modes
  • Battery capacity 4400mAh
  • Max depth of 130 feet/40 m
  • Weight: 5 lbs/2.3kg
  • Max running time: 30-60 minutes


  • It’s compact and lightweight making it so portable
  • It’s carry-on friendly for flying
  • One-handed operation
  • Very customizable
  • Pretty fast, especially when connected to another unit


  • The remote control needs to be very close to the unit